"For example, it is not the same to suffer for being unable to paint, as to suffer for being unable to paint, while painting."

"Perhaps the best painting is the one which leads you into silence. All is well."

"There are many traps. For example, some results touch you and you keep on waiting to be touched. You try to respect the final result. And there you are mistaken. It is necessary that doing should carry you forward, so that you forget what you hoped for. The result is a happening that can bring, in unsuspected ways, the shock you expected. Besides, sometimes we do not perceive it out of a question of habit. Only with time do we on occasion perceive the implicit message. Moreover one is not one’s own father. There is a curve between the first and the last work. A curve made out of encounters and failures . This testifies the path taken within oneself , a course impossible to determine in advance. But it is the inner meaning of your life."

"Do you remember what the white flower was like before it was finished?
I could not have imagined that answer.
Now it seems to be the only one possible to me."

"The result is of no interest. What is important is one´s life work. Because you are placed in the position of receiving. And sometimes it happens."

"There is a great difference between objectivity and truth. The latter is an activity of the soul. I believe one can learn through suffering which is the experience of a life committed to one's desires. There is another way, of grace, where understanding does not come from successive falls . But in general you accept your limits and needs. To live by them and commit yourself to them can lead you to understanding. To abstain leaves you in a state of guilt for not having accepted your needs. Grace cannot be arranged; it arrives unexpectedly."

"It is very difficult to understand this because we are more identified with pain than we believe. No one is really prepared to abandon himself. I believe the will cannot give us options .
But it may be that giving up makes us accept more passively, more understandingly , the moments of pain. Having the experience of light makes the dark more acceptable and comprehensible. From the dark there is no way out."

"Don´t fight your ghosts. When you want to “be”, they will always be present. Only when you disappear from yourself, do they disappear as well. That is why I think art is a more harmonious path than any arranged order."

"If you submit to the game, initial disorder gives you the possibility of a new and unexpected order. That is why transgression and playfulness go hand in hand. This ordering is native to the soul that awaits us, individual and secretive.
That is why playfulness has to reject the security of known answers as well as the insecurity of what is encountered. Only the game should be given validity. Because he who knows that the pre-existent is working, even though it may be in the dark, has the security of his faith in this encounter."

"Transgression is the effort to find an answer that transcends the unconscious commitments which hold us prisoner. Grief, the disorder of transgression, places itself in the forefront of our desires, makes us find the possibility of our exact inner point.
It is very difficult for obedience to distance us from memory. To transgress is to accept chaos and the unknown which is underlying in us."

"Exercise the wilfullness of not willing, and see yourself in what you do not see.

Without options ,wait for what cannot be avoided. Receive what is given to you.
Do not judge the number or the way of things. Look . Look attentively with the eyes of the invisible.
And in forgetting yourself you recognize yourself in what you do not recognize.

And in the memory of this center , for a moment your home , the ritual is repeated that once more will bring awareness of what you are not aware."

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